An Important question about Jesus Messiah

If we are serious about faith in God, then we will want to search out and  know the truth. Many people have their own ideas about Jesus, some are correct and some are not.

The Holy book, the sacred scriptures tell us Jesus is the Son of God. Many will ask, “How can God have a Son?”

God as correctly pointed out by many is one, the Bible says “There is one God”

Before someone suggests it, God did not have a wife.  We must understand that the One God of the Bible is one in essence and nature and yet revealed as three personalities, who are inseparably united in being, purpose and action. Father, Son and Holy Spirit. All were eternally pre-existent before creation, so God the Son, becoming flesh as Jesus the Messiah, while continuing  to be God, we need to understand that He voluntarily humbled himself (Philippians 2) and at his birth, but became a man  (John 1:1 & John 1:14)

The Son of God became the Son of Man. Jesus was the Son of God, like a man born in Tunisia for example, would be called a Son of Tunisia. Jesus continued to be at birth here on earth what he had always been in eternity in heaven.

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